Nokia is Resurrecting The iconic 3310 Phone

Back before the iPhone was a gleam in Apple’s eye, Nokia was the smartphone vendor everyone was trying to beat. For over a decade, Nokia dominated the smartphone and feature phone markets — and one of the devices that cemented its position as an early leader in the cell phone industry was the Nokia 3310. Now HMD Global, the company ...

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How to speed up your Android smartphone in 3 easy steps

Who doesn’t love installing apps on their smartphone? With Google Play growing so fast, each day brings some new titles which sound very interesting, making us want to install them. Still, sometimes, a lot of apps, combined with an outdated operating system, could result in slowing down your device. And you hate, that right? However, until your carrier provides a ...

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5 Ways To Tell If Your Smartphone Is Being Tapped

Almost everyone is using a smartphone in Nigeria. What many of these smartphone users don’t know is whether their phones are being tapped or not. If you don’t know, there are a number of reasons your phone can be tracked. One reason is when you are in a relationship where there is a clear absence of trust. Then your partner ...

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How to Take a Nice Screen Shot on a Mac

Showing someone else what’s on your screen can be just as important as being able to see it yourself. So whether you’re new to Macs or are an old veteran who just never picked up the skill, here’s how to take a screen shot. The screen capture that mac operating system (OS) comes with are both fairly simple to use ...

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‘Caterpillar’ Robot Wriggles to Get Around

A soft, caterpillar-like robot might one day climb trees to monitor the environment, a new study finds. Traditionally, robots have usually been made from rigid parts, which make them susceptible to harm from bumps, scrapes, twists and falls. These hard parts can also keep them from being able to wriggle past obstacles. Increasingly, scientists are building robots that are made of soft, ...

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